What to Do if Your Friend Gets Arrested

Have you ever had a friend call from jail asking you to bail them out? When your friend gets arrested and needs help, of course you want to do everything you can. However, there are right and wrong ways to help your pal. Here’s what to do if your friend gets arrested and needs your help.

Keep Calm

what to do if your friend gets arrestedAfter getting arrested, your friend is probably panicked, stressed, and upset. The best thing you can do in such a situation is remain calm. Don’t make your friend’s panic worse, and try to reassure them. Staying calm and collected is especially important if you are with your friend at the time of their arrest. Remember to never verbally or physically assault a police officer or interfere with your friend’s arrest. If you do, you could get arrested and escalate the situation.

Get the Facts

If your friend if calling from jail, there’s information you’ll need in order to help them. Most importantly, find out the location of the jail and how much their bail has been set for. Don’t ask lots of questions or worry about details at this time.

Consider a Bail Bond

Bail prices can range from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your friend’s bail is expensive and you can’t come up with the money, don’t worry! Getting a bail bond will save you money and help get your friend out of jail fast. Most bail bonds only cost about 10 percent of the total bail price. As long as your friend (and possibly you, as a co-signor) abides by the bond stipulations, you don’t have to worry.


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Common Bail Bond Myths

bail bond mythsBail bonds are one of those industries that seem to keep fabricated stories and preconceptions floating around. And for those that may not know any better, these stories are believed. But the professionals at A Heaven Sent Bail Bond is here to clear up some of the most common bail bond myths around.

  • Once the un-refundable fee has been paid, you don’t have to pay anything else: As long as the defendant appears on the scheduled court date, this statement is true. But if that individual fails to show on that date, the court keeps that the money that the bail agency paid on your behalf and, instead, you or the co-signer on that bail bond has to then reimburse the bail bondsman.
  • The bail bondsman can lower the bail: Bail is set in stone by each county and the only person that has the power to change it is the judge. Otherwise, it’s non-negotiable.
  • You can only pay the bail bondsman in cash: When utilizing the services of a bail bondsman, you’re responsible for paying the non-refundable fee which is about 10 – 20 percent of the set bail. Although agencies do accept cash, most legitimate bail bond agencies accept debit cards and most major credit cards for your convenience.

Don’t believe everything you hear because it isn’t true. If you find yourself with any questions about any other bail bond myths or how bail bond works, don’t hesitate to call A Heaven Sent Bail Bond at 941-763-6858.


History’s Lengthiest Prison Sentences

We’ve all heard of people being sentenced to life in prison. But there are a few sentences that could be easily counted as a few hundred lifetimes. Check out some of the lengthiest prison sentences in history.

1. Dudley Wayne Kyzer

Halloween 1976, Kyzer went on a rampage slaughtering his estranged wife, her mother, and a local college student that happened to be there at the home with them at the time. Because of the heinousness of the crimes, he was orignally sentenced to the electric chair. But because Alabama eliminated the death penalty while he was on death row, he was slapped with a 10,000 year sentence instead.

2. Emilio Suarez Trashorras, Jamal Zougam, and Otman el-Gnaoui

These are the indivduals that were responsible for the bombing of four commmuter trains in Madrid, Spain that claimed the lives of nearly 200 people. This attack is the largest to ever take place in the country. Although there were 21 people convicted for their involvement, Trashorras, Zougam, and el-Gnaoui were determined to be the ones with the greastest involvement. Trashorras was sentenced to 34,715 years, Zougam received 42,922 years, and el-Gnaoui was given 42,924 years.

3. Chamoy Thipyaso

During the 1960’s, Thipyaso created a pyramid scheme that swindled thousands of Thai investors. It’s estimated that she stole as much as $300 million over a span of 30 years. For this, Thipyaso was sentenced to 141,078 years, undoubtly topping the world’s longest prison sentences. But interestlingly enough, she was released in the late 1990’s after serving just eight years. It’s speculated that her connections with government officials and the military had anything to do with her short prison stay.

No one wants to have to serve any prison time, especially if your sentence is ranging in the thousands. Call the pros at A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds to avoid any extra time behind bars…at least until your trial. Reach us at 941-763-6858.



Finding the Right Bail Bondsman

right bail bondsmanNo one wants to deal with having to bail a loved one out of jail, but the truth is, it happens every now and then. The key to making this stressful situation simple and as quick as possible is finding the right bail bondsman. There may be many that claim to have superior services and different types of promises and guarantees to make sure that you choose them. In reality, there are only a few bail agencies that can be considered to be “the cream of the crop”. We’re here to tell you about the qualities to look for in a good bail bondsman.

  • Convenience – There are bail agencies that only serve a single city, while others,  like us, serve various counties and all the cities within. You should also look for an agency that is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Reputable – To find out whether or not the agency is credible, turn to the internet. Their site should contain thorough information about them, their services, and contact information.
  • Transparency – Does your bail bondsman tell you the pricing information right away? Do they give you a layout of the entire process from start to finish? Bail bonds can be a bit complex. Choosing the right bail bondsman will allow you to have more of an insight to what is actually happening and what to expect.

Deciding on the right bail bond agency can prove to be a difficult task, especially if you’ve never had to do it before. But as long as you take note of these qualities, you should have no problem. And luckily for you, A Heaven Sent Bail Bond is here to provide you with the best bail bond services in Sarasota, FL. Just give us a call at 941-763-6858.

Which Celebrities Have Used Bail Bonds?

used bail bonds, person in handcuffsSome may think if a celebrity has a run in with the law, they automatically get a pass or things are handled a different way because of who they are. Wrong! Celebrities are people, too. If they break a law, they with have to face the necessary punishment. And in some cases, the services of a bail bondsman will be needed. Check out some stars that have had to call on their trusty bail bondsman.

Katt Williams

We all know that Williams is a comedian and an actor. What you may not know is that he has had several problems with the law. One of the most notable happened in 2009. Williams was arrested and charged with burglary in Georgia. He used bail bond services to post his bail of $40,000 and was released. But because he did not make payments to the the bail bondsman, he was arrested for a second time and forced to pay his own bail of $10,000.

Lindsay Lohan

This actress has been arrested numerous times throughout the years. In 2010, she violated her probation various times and had to call on her dependable bail bondsman to get her out of trouble over an extended period. Al thanks to that bail bondsman that stayed on board the entire time, she was able to keep her freedom until hearing.

Nicholas Cage

This actor found himself facing serious charges, such as domestic violence and public indecency in 2011. He was forced to call on his friend, Dog the Bounty Hunter, to post the $11,000 bail and avoid an even worse situation.

See, anyone can be in need of bail bond services. So if you find yourself in a messy situation and in need of a bail bondsman in Sarasota, FL you can rely on, call A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds. Reach us anytime 24/7 at 941-763-6858.

World’s Most Expensive Bails

Most Expensive BailsWe are all aware that bail bonds come with with most arrests and the only way to avoid jail time until your hearing is to pay them. Typically, we hear about bails that are set for maybe a few thousand dollars. To the surprise of many, in some cases dealing with white collar crimes, bail can be set at staggering amounts. Take a look at some of the world’s most expensive bails.

Michael Milken

An American  business mogul had a bail of $250 million set after he was accused of nearly 100 counts of racketeering and securities fraud in the Wall Street Case of 1989. He was eventually found guilty and only ended up serving two of his ten year sentence.

Julius Meinl

This British billionaire was suspected to have involvement with  secretive share buybacks that were linked to his European Land company. In 2009, he was arrested and had a bail of $133 million set, which he was able to post himself.

Mr. & Mrs. Kening Ma

This southern Californian duo was accused of selling all terrain vehicle without a smog certificate. They were both found guilty. Kening Ma had bail set at $100 million and his wife’s set at $75 million for her involvement.

Bernie Madoff

This is a name that was made famous for its involvement with the $50 billion Ponzi scheme. He was accused of fraud and had a bail set at $10 million. Although he had the money, he was unable to post bail because he was unable to co-signer for the bond.

So regardless of the crime or the amount, call A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds for all of your bail bond needs. Contact us at 941-763-6858.




Have Fun (But Stay Safe) This Summer

bottles-1235327_1920Now that summer is here there will be lots of barbecues, pool parties, and many opportunities for drinking alcohol. Remember that having fun this summer does not require heavy drinking.

Never try to drive after drinking alcohol even if you think you have sobered up enough to drive, changes are you are not. It takes about one to two hours for your liver to process a single drink. Imagine how long it would take to process five or six! Florida has a maximum Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 and is considered an implied consent state. This means you agree to the administration of sobriety tests by signing your driver’s license. Refusing a sobriety test means automatic suspension of your driver’s license and a fine.

Drinking in excess can lead to health issues as well. The alcohol you drink all enters your bloodstream and then is filtered through your liver. Abusing alcohol can cause health problems with your liver, heart, and even your brain. Since alcohol travels freely through your bloodstream will you liver is trying to process it, alcohol can have an effect on your brain. Heavy alcohol consumption can lead to seizures and even nerve damage.

Florida has made the #3 spot on the list of states with the highest number of alcohol related arrests. Always drink in moderation to avoid the risk of getting in trouble with the law. If you find yourself needing bail assistance, call A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds anytime. Call us at 713-463-7774 to talk to a representative now.

The 5 Weirdest Laws Still on the Books

There are a ton of really strange laws out there, and sometimes people get put in jail for the weirdest reasons. With the ever changing penal code, it can be tough sometimes to know what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not. Although some of these laws are absolutely ludicrous it’s no laughing matter when you’re the victim of the state or federal government overstepping its bounds. Check out our 5 weirdest laws still on the books! If you find yourself in need of a bondsman that knows life isn’t fair sometimes give us a call. We’ll always be there when life is just weird.

  1. bear wrestling No Dice- Did you know that it is actually considered illegal to hang obstructions from your window of any kind. This includes simple harmless things like fuzzy dice. We don’t know who made this law, but it’s definitely time for a revision.
  2. No Hand Holding- In Tennessee it’s apparently illegal for students to hold hands. The so-called Gateway Sexual Activity Bill was created by the Tennessee House of Representatives claimed that this was an immoral act that led to unwanted sexual activity later on. If a parent feels that the law is not being enforced they can actually sue the teacher.
  3. No Bear Wrestling- Well the folks here at A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds hope you didn’t have any aspirations of bear wrestling because apparently that’s illegal too.
  4. Like Your Kids? Did you know that it’s actually illegal to sell your kids in the state of Florida? So we sure hope you like little Timmy because you can’t get any moolah for him.
  5. No Crabs- In Sarasota, it’s actually illegal to catch crabs of any kind. We feel like a few people have broken this law, though.

With all the weird laws out there it can difficult to know exactly what you’re allowed to do and what’ you’re not allowed to do. If you find yourself being treated unfairly for a law that just doesn’t make any sense call your local area bondsman. We’ll make sure to get you back to your family as quickly because the last thing anyone wants is to be stuck in jail for something they didn’t do.

5 Things to Look For in a Bail Bondsman

Imagine for a moment that your loved one is in jail, and they are counting on you to bail them out. You can’t afford the entire bail amount, so you need to choose a bail bondsman. But how do you know who to choose? Which qualities should you look for? Here are five characteristics of good bail bondmen to make your choice a little easier.

1. Do They Seem Professional?

Bail bondmen don’t necessarily have to wear suits and ties, but they should be clean and courteous. A good bondsman will answer any questions you have. They will return your calls promptly. A physical location for the bond company is another plus.

2. Do They Offer Information?

Ask questions. An honest bail bondsman won’t try to weasel out of answering basic questions, such as, “How long have you been in business?” “Are you affiliated with any professional organizations?” “Do you have online reviews?” “What is your web site URL?”

a photo of a man's hands handcuffed behind his back3. Is Their Bail License Current?

A bail bondsman needs to have a current bail license. Ask for their license number if you don’t trust their word. You can check its validity online at the state’s Department of Insurance, or the state regulatory agency’s web site.

4. Do They Come Recommended?

Word of mouth is a good indicator of whether a bail bondsman is good or not. Look at online reviews, and ask friends or family for referrals.

5. Did They Call You First?

Some shady companies will call you up and pretend to be representing the jailed person. In reality, these people are like the ambulance chasers of the bail bond world. Contact your loved one and make sure they really retained this person’s services before you give them any money.

If you or a loved one needs bail bond services anywhere in Florida, give us a call today!

4 Unbelievable Reasons People Got Arrested

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you probably won’t find much to laugh about. But some people’s charges are so ridiculous that it’s impossible not to laugh. With that in mind, let’s take a light-hearted look at our proud (?) legal system.
Assault with a Deadly Fruita man in a suit holding a banana like a gun

When an argument turns violent, some people just grab the nearest item and use it as a weapon. In this case, Phillip Joseph Smolinsky of Florida admitted to attacking his girlfriend, but denied any involvement with the delicious banana he was accused of wielding.
Holding a Spider Hostage

Bryan Paul Smith of Kansas seemed like a good friend when he offered to take care of a pal’s tarantula while said pal was out of town. But it seems that he formed quite the bond with his 8-legged buddy; Smith refused to return the spider when his friend returned, and threatened to shoot his friend if he tried to reclaim his own pet.
a tornadoWindy Conditions

It’s an unfortunate condition we all share, but some people’s flatulence is more offensive than others. Lawrence Michael Jonap, a police officer, was arrested for allegedly breaking wind in a coworker’s face! Good aim, bad judgement.

Possession of Candy

An NYPD officer arrested two suspects for possessing pieces of a hard, crystalline, rock-like substance. The two spent the night in jail, but the police department had to let them go when lab results found the “rocks” to be Jolly Rancher candies, still in the wrapper. The two innocent men got a sweet settlement after the fact.
a black domestic goat sticking its head through a wooden fenceHonorable Mention: Babli the Goat

A goat in Nigeria was arrested for eating the plants in a neighbor’s garden. Babli, the goat in question, has quite the bad reputation in his town. He has been referred to as a “repeat offender”. Fortunately, he made bail. If a goat can do it, so can you!