Good Reasons to Honor Your Florida Bail Bond

If you’re out of jail on a Florida bail bond, you’ve got several reasons for playing by the rules. Most people who have been arrested and bonded out of jail will do everything in the power not to go back to jail again. And let’s be honest, it certainly isn’t a place that anyone wants to be. So most people do what they are told and make sure to show up for their court dates in order to stay out of jail and possibly get their charges dropped.


But some people don’t take things seriously. They are constantly late for appointments, forget to meet their family or friends, don’t show up to work or school on time, or don’t remember important meetings. Because these people don’t regularly practice responsible behavior and can always get another chance, they don’t think that anything can bring them down or cause enough harm to put them in a place so bad, it affects them for years to come.


And that can happen if you don’t honor your Florida bail. You should know how serious it is and that Florida bail bond laws are designed to inflict as much punishment on you as possible if you don’t follow the rules of your surety bond. Make no mistake, it’s far better to face up to the situation and make the best of it rather than trying to run away.


What It Means to Have a Florida Bail Bond


All Florida bail bonds are serious. No matter the city or county in which you live or were arrested. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the panhandle, on the east coast or in Sarasota, Bradenton, or anywhere else.


When you are scheduled to appear in a Washington criminal court, you are expected to be there. Unfortunately, if you miss a court date you don’t always get the opportunity to make it up. Missing a scheduled court date could end in your arrest and additional criminal charges of failure to appear or bail jumping, and will result in a warrant for your arrest. –Washington Defense Lawyer


When you are released from jail after being bonded out, you are not actually free. You have to follow the terms of your release or you will find your freedom short lived. What’s worse, is that you might cause the person who got your bail to lose a lot more. They could wind up losing their collateral and could be in the position of never having the ability to get it back.


Even worse, there will be more consequences that will fall straight on your shoulders and no one but you will have to bear the brunt of your actions. You can’t hurt the system, only yourself by not following the terms of your bail.


Skipping Out Means Big Time Trouble


What kind of trouble might land on your doorstep if you miss a court date or outright don’t honor the terms of your release? There are several, but here are the most hurtful:

It will hurt your family and friends.


Bail bonds in Florida follow you everywhere you go. That mean if you miss a court date or just skip out, the agency with a Florida bail bonds license that actually got you released from jail won’t be your friend anymore. That bondsman will do everything in his or her power to capture you because you cost them a lot of money. And that means they’ll start out by tracking you down through your family and friends. That’s embarrassing and unnecessary.


It will hurt your chances of getting a better deal.


Not following the rules of Florida bail bonds also means that practically any chance you had to have your case dismissed or get into a diversion program will be little to none. Once you demonstrate to the court you don’t take the matter seriously, you’ll likely face the full amount of charges and time.


It will hurt your wallet big time.


Skipping bail doesn’t just mean that the bondsman will keep the collateral. It likewise means you’ll have a lot more to pay for to try and get out of the mess you’ve created. This is especially true if you are paying your defense attorney yourself.


It will hurt you the most.


You will more than likely face more charges. And that isn’t good news. What’s more, you won’t have much chance of getting those additional charges dropped.


Lastly, it will hurt your chances of bonding out again. The judge won’t take kindly to being disrespected and will issue a warrant for your arrest.


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