Ex-Olympian Charged With Murder; Released on $688 Bail

Oscar PistoriusOscar Pistorius, a 2012 Olympic medalist who broke history as the first double amputee sprinter to compete in the Olympic games, has been charged with the 2013 murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He was first convicted in September 2014 of culpable homicide, but prosecutors appealed his conviction in November 2015 where Pistorius was later charged with murder. Pistorius is now awaiting the sentencing phase while he is out on house arrest after being freed on a $688 bail.


Pistorius’ low bail amount was set by a South African judge who reasoned that since Pistorius agreed to await his trial on house arrest, he was a low flight risk. Posting bail follows a different path in every country, but in the U.S. it depends on many factors related to the charges. Bail in the U.S. is set by a judge who considers the nature of the charges, the defendant’s prior convictions and history with the law, their flight risk, their ties to the community, and many other elements that can affect the proceeding trial.

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Posting Bail: Drug Offenses

barbed wire fenceFacing drug charges can be a frightening situation. Drug charges can carry serious penalties, so it is important to seek legal council before your trial. Posting bail is a critical step in this process. To help you access your legal right to post bail and seek council, we go over a brief outline of drug charges here.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration classifies many drugs into schedules, or classifications of the danger of a certain drug. The schedules range from I to V. Schedule I drugs are considered the most dangerous, have the highest risk of physical and psychological dependence, and carry the heaviest penalties. This includes methamphetamine, marijuana, LSD, methaqualone, and peyote. Schedule V drugs are considered to have a lower potential of abuse, such as Robitussin AC and Lyrica.

Penalties for drug charges depend on the circumstances of the defendant’s involvement with the drug. Possession, trafficking, cultivating, or criminal enterprising of a drug all carry different penalties, and the penalties differ again by the schedule of the substance. In any instance of drug charges, the penalties can be serious and life altering, so it is important to post bail and seek legal council.

Where to Turn

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Our Friendly Bail Service

Getting arrested can be one of the greatest hardships in a persons life. That person will likely experience judgement and condemnation from everyone around him, mostly people he has never met, at least until his trial date. Luckily, the 8th amendment helps shield our citizens from such unwarranted judgement. Here, we talk about our friendly bail service.

picture of arrest





We treat you with respect:

It’s not our place to judge. We know you’re experiencing a trying time, and we believe you’re “innocent until proven guilty”. That’s why we will treat you with the utmost respect, doing everything we can to get you out of jail as fast as possible. Our team believes in the principles America laid down as the land of the free.


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Tips For Making Bail

popocar.jpgArrests can happen unexpectedly, which means that you can be left unprepared to make bail. However, there are a few things that everyone should remember that will help you make bail quickly and easily. Whether you are the person arrested or a loved one getting the call after an arrest, the best thing you can do in this scenario is stay calm. Remaining calm may seem difficult during this tumultuous time but it is the most important step towards making bail. Check out the rest of our helpful tips for making bail, so that you are ready in case you ever get arrested or receive a call from a loved one who is behind bars.

Compare Several Licensed Bail Bonds Agents

Just like purchasing any other product, you will want to shop around when buying a bail bond. Of course, it goes without saying that you should only do business with a bail agency that is duly licensed by the state to sell bail bonds. You should also review the websites of bail agents you are considering as well as give them a call and discuss your needs with them. THhis can give you a good idea if their agents are right for you.

Select a Bondsman You Trust

After you have compared several bondsmen, make a final decision on the agency you want to use. Perhaps the most important factor in determining which bail agent is the right fit for you is whether or not you trust the agent and how comfortable you feel working with him or her.

Ask Questions

Bail can be a complicated process, and many people might have difficulty understanding some of the language used in a bail bond agreement. This makes it extremely important to ask questions so that you fully understand the terms of your agreement.

Keep Detailed Records

You will have several pieces of paperwork that contain the details of your agreement as well as court dates and other important information. The more organized and detailed your records, are the easier it will be for you to access your bail information in the future when you need to know when to appear in court or when to make a payment to your agent.

Show Up For All Court Hearings

The most important part of making bail is returning to court for your criminal trial. Bail operates on the premise that, after your release, you will appear in court to stand trial for the crime(s) you are accused of committing. If you do not show up at the date and time specified for your court hearings, you will be considered a fugitive and a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Held in Jail Without Bail

jail cellsOccasionally we will hear about an offender who is being held without bail to await their trial in prison. If bail is a right granted to citizens by our Constitution, how can bail be withheld? Here we discuss some of the most important factors that are considered when deciding bail.

Judges have the power to set the amount of bail, or whether bail will be allowed in a particularly sensitive case. Judges examine facts about the accused person’s character, finances, and other connections, but denying bail is especially considered if the accused person poses a safety threat to the community. Other factors that are accounted for when deciding on bail are:

  • Financial situation
  • Family and community ties
  • Charges are punishable by serious prison sentence or death
  • History of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Likelihood the accused may destroy evidence if released
  • Likelihood that the accused will flee to avoid trial
  • Mental status
  • Repeat felony offender

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Restrictions on Convicted Felons in Florida

long roadConvicted felons are often required to surrender certain rights. Restrictions vary from state to state, so understanding these legal details will help you exercise your rights to the fullest. Don’t let the confusion of a legal situation keep you immobilized!

Rights Restricted in Florida

The terms of parole, probation, or restriction of rights relate the exact details of each convicted felon’s rights. Below are several rights that are commonly withheld from convicted felons in Florida.

  • Public Service: convicted felons are barred from serving on a jury or running for, or holding, public office.
  • Gun Possession: felons are prohibited from purchasing or obtaining firearms.
  • Occupation Licenses: Florida felons are barred from obtaining professional or occupational licenses. However, many felons may be eligible for associate occupational licenses.
  • Voting Rights: felons are often prohibited from voting. However, under certain conditions, some felons may have their voting rights restored.

Fortunately, the state of Florida and even the federal government may reinstate certain rights on a case by case basis. Weathering legal situations is often a confusing challenge, but the professionals at A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds are experienced in navigating the legal system. Call us today at (941) 567-6169 for assistance or questions regarding restricted rights from felons!


Knowing Your Legal System: Jury Nullification

jury nullificationWe all like to take pride in our legal system, but unfortunately many of us only know very little about it. Don’t worry, it takes a lot of time to take in such a vast amount of information. It helps to do it in small steps; here, we’ll go over a lesser known aspect of our justice system: jury nullification.

Jury Nullification Overview:

When a defendant in a trial gets acquitted, not because the jury doesn’t find him or her guilty, but because they disagree with the law or its punishment, jury nullification has occurred. Technically, the courts do not allow jury nullification. It forbids council from bringing it up. However, an acquittal’s finality stands, and cannot get undone.


Jury nullification existed well before America became a country. It got used in maritime and free speech cases in pre-colonial times. Later, jurors used it to acquit defendants under prosecution of the Fugitive Slave Act. It also acquitted people charged for Prohibition crimes.


Remember to keep educating yourself a little bit each day. If you should find yourself in need of bail, A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds can help you out. Give us a call today to find out more; you can reach us at (941) 567-6169.

Knowing Our Legal System: Civil Asset Forfeiture

traffic stopKnowing our legal system might prove beneficial to a lot of people. Many consider it one of the best in the world, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its flaws. Some practices create a lot of controversy. We will go over one such practice, civil asset forfeiture, that the news covered on multiple occasions recently.

The Practice:

Police use civil asset forfeiture as an alternative to charging someone with a crime when they don’t have evidence to do so. Instead, they charge a person’s property for being associated with a crime (usually drug use/dealing). This doesn’t require any burden of proof on the police’s/prosecutor’s end, but puts in on the property owner to prove innocence.

The Controversy:

Many descry the practice because it often costs more to go to court than the worth of the property taken, which gives no recourse to any innocent victims. Also, the allocation of funds seized (much of it often going back into the police department) has created controversy.


Remember to always exercise your rights when dealing with the police. If you find yourself in trouble with them, A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds can help. To find out more about our services, please give us a call at (941) 567-6169.

Your Body On Alcohol

lined up bottles of alcoholSo many people drink in the world, it has become the norm for most. Many of these people might not have a good idea of how alcohol affects their body. However, as with any drug, you should completely inform yourself before ingesting it. Here, we’ve gone over how your body reacts to alcohol.

How it works:

When you drink, your small intestine and your stomach put all that alcohol into your bloodstream. Because it has toxic properties, your liver starts the process of breaking it down. However, it can only do this at a rate of 1 drink per 1-2 hours.

Until your liver can digest it, the alcohol travels all throughout your body, including your brain. This can cause the “good feeling” you enjoy during drinking in moderation, or the feelings of confusion, lowered inhibitions, and drowsiness from drinking in excess.

Chronic abuse of alcohol can lead to a host of health problems associated with your liver and heart. To avoid this, only drink in moderation. If you’ve found yourself in need of bail services for an alcohol related incident, A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds can help. To find out more, give us a call at (713) 463-7774.

What Does Probation Entail?

Have you recently gotten charged with a crime? If so, you might get offered the option of probation. You should feel lucky, the negative aspects of jail heavily outweigh those of probation. However, it will still prove a major inconvenience. You will have to adhere to a long list of rules. These rules vary by county and also the terms set by the judge, but you can expect some, if not all, of the following:

gavel hitting desk





Stipulations of probation:

  • The court will require you to report to your probation officer at least once a month.
  • Regular, and possible random, drug testing will become mandatory.
  • The court will give you zero tolerance in regards to any future crime (until probation ends). If you do end up in trouble, you may have to serve out the full sentence for your previous crime as well as the new one.
  • You might get regular visits (home checks) from your probation officer to ensure you haven’t broken any laws.
  • You might have to adhere to a strict curfew.

While this may not sound appealing, the experience of jail would prove much worse. If the court currently has you under probation and you require probation bail violation services, A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds can help. To find out more, give one of our professional bondsman a call at (941) 567-6169.